Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rest in Peace Beautiful Coco

It still makes me cry just to type this and it's been a few months now since we lost our beloved Coco.  She passed suddenly in late February; Jeff and I were devistated and it hurt like I've never felt before.  We knew that she was a really old dog when we adopted her a few years ago and it was comforting when all of our friends told us that we gave her the best last three years of her life.  Coco was a beautiful toy Pomeranian that was used for years for breeding in a puppy mill in the sticks of Georgia and pretty much left for dead when she could no longer breed.  She passed away suddenly, most likely of a heart problem.  She will be missed by us everyday but happy that she is now able to roam free in Doggie Heaven and we will see her again someday...

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