Friday, June 24, 2011



Hi everyone and Happy Friday,

I wanted to introduce you to our new and beautiful pup Bella! 

She is a cute little Pomeranian who was rescued from a "Backyard Breeder" (puppy mill) in February by a very concerned family here in Virginia.  They answered an add on Craig's List from some woman posing as a legitimate breeder and drove down to NC to take a look at her.  They were very shocked to see tons of dogs all lined up in cages in their backyard (Bella had four dogs in her little cage) with no protection from the elements.  With the money that they had, they were able to buy/rescue her and two other dogs; they plan on going back for more when they have the cash and have reported her to the authorities.  We brought her home only FIVE DAYS after she was rescued so you can just imagine that she had a few "issues".  She is only 2 or 3 years old but is just like a puppy since she's never been trained to do anything (not house trained, played with toys, walked on a leash, worn a collar, chewed on chew toys, groomed, had her own food dish, you name it!).  Fast foward 4 months, with some training by us and now she's doing great!  She is a very playful and loving dog and now has very few accidents in the house. 

I encourage everyone to seek out rescue sites online for your new pup and PLEASE do not purchase any animals from pet stores because most of their animals come from puppy mills, like the one that I just decribed.  Also, due to their poor living conditions, over breeding and lack of nutrition they can also have major health issues.  You can search online by pet type, breed and your area for local rescue societies and animal shelters.
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