Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pics of our little pups

Hi all,
Since I told you about the homemade dog food that I make for my pups, I thought that I would show you pics of them.  Little Buddy is our 8yr old handsome Maltese boy; he's such a good pup and takes care of his little sister Coco.  He loves the homemade food that I make but since he still has his teeth, I make sure to still feed him some hard food as well because that helps his teeth stay clean.

The second pic is our little Pomeranian Coco that is a rescue pup and she is the most beautiful doggy EVER!  She was rescued from a puppy mill in Georgia two years ago.  She was just used for breeding and then her "owners" would take her puppies away from her and sell them to pet stores.  Now COCO is treated by Jeff and me as a little puppy girl since she was probably never treated like that when she was a pup.  She wasn't trained in any way when we got her (potty, walking, playing, etc.) but she learned quickly and now she's GREAT!

I will post my homemade pup food recipe tomorrow.  It's much more healthier than the junk that all the stores sell and, when I give you the tips, it ends up being less expensive, too!

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